The GEOX group produces and distributes shoe and outerwear ranges. Its flexible market positioning allows it to appeal to all consumer groups, identifying as a family brand focused on
comfort and reliability as well as looks. Styles range from the classical and casual to the most current trends. Italian stylishness, quality and technological innovation are the strong points
of the company's creative, manufacturing and sales philosophy. Geox's unusual approach revolutionized the brown-shoes market when it invented “the shoe that breathes” and turned
breathability and waterproofness into essential factors for contemporary shoe design.

GEOX is always open to change and improvement. The most advanced technologies and fashion trends of the moment are actively sought out, identified and processed so that
decisions can be made about what to include in the Geox lineup.
GEOX has a deep respect for the environment and human beings. Ethically sound behavior, gender equality, diversity and trust form the cornerstones of the Group’s philosophy.
GEOX expends all eff orts to achieve results and always gives its all, regardless of the project, upholding its founding values with conviction.
GEOX is synonymous with a love of comfort and health and these two important objectives are guaranteed and honored by the Group in every product and project.
Quality, safety and reliability are taken to new heights: GEOX pays the utmost attention to even the smallest detail.
For GEOX the customer lies at the core of every project and customer satisfaction is its only goal.
GEOX takes great pride in being Italian and its cultural identity transpires from the creativity and stylishness inherent in every single product.



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